Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chief of one village

Visited this chiefs family. We sat and talked of scriptures! Great experience. Beautiful family and great spirit was there. This mans son is a branch president of the largest branch back where we live in Port Vila. When we got home I showed him a picture of his family and of his father of his father he said....."now that's a man". He was raised in that very remote home and misses it.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Laplap and rice! In Malekula

After church they had made a big laplap dinner for the branch in our honor! They made one of wild yam mash with beef and coconut melek and island cabbage in the middle you dip it in. All baked in banana leaves over the fire during church. The other was made of some banana mash bake with another kind of meat and the coconut melek dip in the middle....all with huge amounts of rice! I just couldn't eat it all. They love their laplap....

They make laplap on all the islands but it is a bit different everywhere. Can't say I am going to ask for the recipe right yet.

Malekula's gas station, hardware, and only restaurant!

We take so much for granted! To see how they fill bottles with gasoline from barrels and then pour each bottle in the truck was amazing. Also we discovered the only hardware store right behind the gas station..... It being just 4 posts and some plastic. They had all sorts of things.....even a bucket of frozen chickens(of course sitting out in the sun). Oh well. Then our restaurant was really cute. Always one thing on the menu for the whole day...rice and eggs, rice and chicken or rice and meat (dog, beef or flying squirrel, or in other words bat)
See pictures our very proud waitress. She is a new member of the church.

Boys toys on Malekula

They make these toys and call them truks. They are so proud of them and run and push them down the roads.

Malekula, Vanuatu

Just returned from 5 days in Malekula! Cold showers, geckos, cockroaches, dirt roads, but amazing people, untouched beauty, and sweet, sweet experiences never to be forgotten!

Some of the beauty of Malekula:

Sunday, March 17, 2013


A drive around our own island! We have traveled so much in the first 2 months of our mission that we haven't ever driven around Efate, the island we live on. It is beautiful. Very few cars. Enjoy!