Monday, March 31, 2014

Luganville Relief Society activity

Spos yu no gat dis,   Bae yu save usem wan lif nomo.  
(If you don't have a plate, then you can just use a leaf.)

WORKS Great!    No washing, no cost!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Sunday in Fanafo Branch

Went to church in Fanafo with the District President to sustain and set apart a new Branch President and clerk.     Mike took off his tie and handed it to the new counselor.    

The old Branch Presidents wife made us laplap and a whole chicken.    They don't cut off the head or the feet before they cook it.   Just the inners.....    

Children in Fanafo don't eat Cheeios for snacks at church,  they just go to the nearest  tree and find something good to munch on...

Farewell for two YM and a dislocated shoulder!

The Luganville Branch had a farewell Family Home Evening for two of its young men going on missions to Micronesia and the Philippines.    They both are heading to the MTC in Provo first.    

We had a great program, games and food provided by ambitious young men who went spear fishing to feed us all.      Sis clement had games for the pikininis...

Adult games

The catch...   Just add LOTS of Rice and you can feed a hundred!

THEN  a hard handshake from a young see below.     And a trip to the hospital to put Sista Roko's shoulder back in place......

Three hours in emergency....  Doctor from Solomon Islands trained in New Zealand,  X-rays,  medication and a gauze sling....= $5.00 American money!     Back home,   $5,000 maybe?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Went to a couple Relief Society Birthday Celebrations!

Banban Branch Relief Society Celebration

Luganville Branch Relief Society  Celebration!

Our  Luganville Sister Missionaries!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Banban branch picnic!

The Kerns were out of town so we used both trucks and Elder  Williams and I both drove around through the bush and loaded out trucks with members and carried them to the sand beach.   An experience in itself!     Had about 80 attend.  
It was a great day.    

I helped cook at Sister Tariohotis  house..:):):)

HAD A Sandcastle Building Contest

This beautiful mama. Served her mission in Pocatello, Idaho!   

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Flew to Malekula Sunday and met in Litslits with the BP and clerk in the Litslits church building.  Found  out that is where a missionary that helped us learn Bislama before we went on out mission had lived!   I guess it wasn't a church then.    Met a family that knew him and he called mama and papa.    Thought he would like to see some pictures.   They all said hello Elder.........

Next day we went to the house of the clerk to get some records.  It is such a beautiful family complex right by the ocean.   His wife is the Relief Society President.

Met with all 6 branch presidents separately as well as the district Presidency.  Eight hours of meetings!

Had a little lunch with the Jollys at the only restaurant on town.    $4.00 a plate....stake and fries!   

Last morning before we flew home went with sister Jolly to a Relief Society meeting.