Friday, January 31, 2014

P day! With elder and sister Jolly

It's great to be a senior missionary.   Here in Vanuatu we go to the beach!    Had a nice lunch at the little restaurant in the background after a short dip in the ocean to cool off.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Funeral in Santo

We attended a funeral of the BPs wife's father.    It was at another denomination.   They have to bury the same day of death  because there is no means of preservation of the body  in Vanuatu.  His body is put a wood box.  After they all go to the cemetery.  
As the grave diggers dig the grave, family members participate in digging.   The family is wailing and sobbing the whole time.  Some on the ground.   He was in the war in the Solomon Islands and has a huge family.   They place the box down in the ground using straps of material under the box to let it down in.   Then take turns covering the box with dirt.   After silk flowers are place on by anyone.
The while family then lines up in a receiving line and all of us go down and shake hands with everyone and tell them "sori tumas".   They are sobbing and wailing.   I couldn't help but think of the movie,  "the Other side if Heaven".  Another unique experience shared with these wonderful people.  

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A bit of Ambae!

Always love going to Ambae!   Some of the amazing Elders of Ambae in front  of our guesthouse.

We looked at the Lobori chapel  with Pres. Mol.    It is rotting and can't be used now so

 we are studying it to see what kind of repairs can be made.   

Look at the amazing "temporary shelter"  they made to meet in out of bamboo.   You need to look at it closely.   They peel bamboo and  even use bamboo as pegs and anything else they need.    It is so amazing to see how people live off the land.

Here is the Church house bathrooms.    What do you think?   They are called bush toilets.
Again woven out of bamboo or  natangora  leaves not sure.  Didn't get to close.   One of you ex Vanuatu missionaries probably know.    

My friends in Ambae!!!!!!!

Sister Tarihoti and daughter Daisey.   A beautiful 13 year old that has a heart problem.  Hope to get her over to Santo to have it checked out.   

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Day!.... at the Beach near Tanavoli

Can you believe a branch staying up the night at the church and then coming to a beach and swimming, playing games and yes....more food!   Well it is true.  They got to the beach by 8:00am and stayed until 4:00.    Very relaxing day.   I  Suspect that tomorrow we are back to work so you may not see many blogs for a while.

Yum....   Bullock. With Elder  Tula.

Dr Wong from mainland China.  He is working at the hospital and interested in talking about the gospel

How about a little squid???

Or a nice fish dinner?

Elder Sutton showing them how to build moats..

Vanuatu swim suit for ol pikininis.  

New Years Eve .... Luganville, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu!

We had gone to church in the Tanavoli Branch the Sunday before.   Both gave talks and both were asked to teach RS and Priesthood classes!    But it was there that we were prepped for the New years Eve Custom of "powdering"!   Don't know if they call it that, but I will.   It involves lots of baby powder and lots of good wishes, hugs and kisses!  So fun!   Branch Pres.s wife went around giving early well wishes!

So when New Year's Eve came, we were prepared!  The men at church were barbecuing sausages and chicken to make sandwiches.  I helped assemble, cut watermelon and hand out.   I also brought 3 banana breads and 2 Texas fudge cakes to share.   Great night.  Started with a meeting sharing good things that happens in 2013.   Mike shared the biggest blessing of coming on our mission to Vanautu.    Then the food, the secret sister exchange and dancing began!    The branch stays All Night!   No sleep, if they sleep, it is on the floor or on the grass.....children are there all night too.   We danced in the New Years and we to home to bed.

My sweet friends.....   We share  powdering as well as hairstyle challenges!:)