Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A bit of Ambae!

Always love going to Ambae!   Some of the amazing Elders of Ambae in front  of our guesthouse.

We looked at the Lobori chapel  with Pres. Mol.    It is rotting and can't be used now so

 we are studying it to see what kind of repairs can be made.   

Look at the amazing "temporary shelter"  they made to meet in out of bamboo.   You need to look at it closely.   They peel bamboo and  even use bamboo as pegs and anything else they need.    It is so amazing to see how people live off the land.

Here is the Church house bathrooms.    What do you think?   They are called bush toilets.
Again woven out of bamboo or  natangora  leaves not sure.  Didn't get to close.   One of you ex Vanuatu missionaries probably know.    

My friends in Ambae!!!!!!!

Sister Tarihoti and daughter Daisey.   A beautiful 13 year old that has a heart problem.  Hope to get her over to Santo to have it checked out.   


  1. Sister Williams,
    I was so very excited to find your blog! My daughter, Margaret just received her mission call this week...to your mission! I'll confess I had to google map it to find it! We are so excited for her and all that lies ahead. Your blog helped to fill in some gaps in our knowledge, I can see we have LOTS to learn. I'll be following closely. If there are other current blogs you are aware of, we would love to know. We have so much to learn!
    I also noticed that the mission has a blog, but you have to be invited to view it. Do you suppose parents and soon to be sister missionaries can get an invitation to view that? If so, please let me know how. My email is sherrygunn1990@gmail.com.
    Again, thank you for your efforts to share your experiences! Just reading through your blog makes me so excited for Maggie!!
    Sherry Gunn