Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 26.... A little R & R

Elder Williams and I took a nice little afternoon off and explored Port Orly....    
Sun, sand, a little swim and a little lunch.   Met a couple from France and a couple from Seattle in the restaurant in Port Orly (amazing).  We rarely see another American.     It is a little village (one restaurant and no stores that we could see),  but beautiful beach and clear, warm water!

Found some Vanuatu sunglasses.  Their flag is green, red, hello and black.    All the missionaries want my glasses.   :) 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Missionaries Christmas!

Had a great day with the Luganville, Santo Zone missionaries!   What an amazing group of young men and women!    Love them!   We set the table for 20 hungry missionaries to have a pancake breakfast.   They arrived on our deck around 9:00am after doing a service project from the church to our home of picking up garbage.    

Made enough pancake batter to serve 90!   

They headed to the church for sports and phone calls to home.....   

Later had a talent show.....starting out with us old couples.  Then we were entertained with a drama, music and cultural dance!     Some of the talent acts I only got on video and I can't put video on my blog....


Christmas in Vanuatu

Luganville Branch Christmas party!   This is the largest branch in the district.   The only real church building in the district.   

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wedding in Palon

We had a great experience of attending a wedding in the branch in Palon.  A young couple that had been living together and had 2 children are now coming to church and want to live the Gospel and receive blessings.   
After president Kelley married them, they had talks.  Elder Williams gave a great one sharing about our family with pictures and all and the importance of looking towards the temple now for this couple.     I gave the closing prayer.  

This is President Kelly

We dropped gifts at their feet on the mat and shook hands and then the cake cutting and food began

This is how they cook coals and banana leaves!    About 200- 300 for dinner!

Then the customs of Vanuatu came out.   I guess some in the family are of the Anglican religion.    we had lots of custom dances and entertainment.

They use baby powder when there is something to be happy we got powdered!

Their son wasn't to happy with it all.  He just wanted to sleep I think... Look at daddy's coat!