Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Took a ride out in the bush with Bro and Sis Tarivuhavuha to pick up some bamboo that a member had cut for them.  Sis Tarivuhavuha will be building a food stand right in her yard to sell food that she cooks.    This is common for women to do.   Love that they have a plan!    

Her kitchen in the background.   She will cook laplap and other island dishes and sell them.

Their son that is  awaiting his mission call!

On the way home took a picture of some of my favorite trees....    Bullock eat the Roots that hang down......looks like the tree  just got a nice haircut doesn't it?

They gave us something called Nangae, if I have spelled that right???  Dallan?   (Dallan is a RM that came to Vanuatu and recently visited with his father and I KNOW he reads my blog)...  
You peel the brown off and eat.  Sort of like a nut, but more like a seed.   Good!   They string them on a reed to sell and eat probably......   Nice gift.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


We helped the Elders deliver water to an investigator family.     So many are out of water as it has been very dry and they rely on rainwater.    This was the first wood house we had ever seen.... 

This woman was trying to look at the pictures I had taken but couldn't see them very well, so I gave her my glasses.    Need to keep supplied in cheap reading glasses as I seem to find so many people that really need them......:)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cooking Vanuatu style!

Two women cooking Tuluk, a small finger food of roots, like yams, coconut milk and sometimes some kind of meat each wrapped in small leaves and baked in one big banana leaf over coals, as you see, for a few hours.    That is as I understand it.    You just don't pop in Costco for some food over here!   
One of these ladies had 3 children, the other is a 17 year old girl.    This was part of the meal served for Super Seminary Saturday.     

Super seminary Saturday after the classes and Scripture Bowl!     About 50 came from all over Santo

Transports back to their tickets given out here!