Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Took a ride out in the bush with Bro and Sis Tarivuhavuha to pick up some bamboo that a member had cut for them.  Sis Tarivuhavuha will be building a food stand right in her yard to sell food that she cooks.    This is common for women to do.   Love that they have a plan!    

Her kitchen in the background.   She will cook laplap and other island dishes and sell them.

Their son that is  awaiting his mission call!

On the way home took a picture of some of my favorite trees....    Bullock eat the Roots that hang down......looks like the tree  just got a nice haircut doesn't it?

They gave us something called Nangae, if I have spelled that right???  Dallan?   (Dallan is a RM that came to Vanuatu and recently visited with his father and I KNOW he reads my blog)...  
You peel the brown off and eat.  Sort of like a nut, but more like a seed.   Good!   They string them on a reed to sell and eat probably......   Nice gift.

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