Sunday, May 26, 2013

Anyone for PIG!

Mike came walking in the house holding a hoof of a pig.... Leg and hind quarter attached! Weird looking. It was a gift from a Branch President. Well he laid it in the sink and proceeded to cut off the hoof with a saw.. Now how do I cook it?

Friday, May 24, 2013

More visits

Loved visiting this grandpa with his grandchildren. Couldn't get a smile out of the baby....

Visiting members of Banban Branch

Visited some of the branch members with the Branch President. This lucky little boys dad had made him a special toy...they call it a "Truk". This one was special it has mud flaps, a steering wheel and even an attenae! He was driving it and gathering fruit on the ground in his shirt. Elder Williams suggest to his dad that he make a box so he can carry things.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

President Haggai in Tanavoli

Went to his family home to do some training in their humble but happy home. Mats on the floor to sleep behind a curtain and a room about 6 x 6 which we met in. Did i mention they have 6 children? We had a great meeting.

We noticed a turtle swimming in a big barrel outside and he told us they had caught him when he was a couple inches long and now look at the size of him! He will be supper soon!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blue holes

Santo has many beautiful Blue Holes. They are a natural creation formed by springs of pure water rising to the surface through layers of limestone. The bluest blue you have ever seen. You can see everything it is so clear and very refreshing!

Went with one of the Branch Presidents here and two visitors from Utah. Craig and Dallen Mancells. Father and son. The father is a BYU Church History Professor and his son works for the Historical department of the church in Salt Lake City. They were sent here to do interviews and write the history of the church in Vanuatu. We have been taking them to meet various members who have been members of the church here for a while to do interviews. It has been a very special experience to hear the many inspiring stories.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Palon Branch

Had a nice day doing training in Palon. After President Kelly invited us to his home for smol Kakae...(small meal). It was neat and well kept and the coconut milk, laplap and Kamala chips were freshly made. He was very proud to have his father's grave right next to his home. It was a great experience... Among many...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Church in Tonavoli in the bush on Santo

Had a wonderful Sunday. Went to church about an hours ride out of town into the bush to a sweet little branch. They had 3 men to be interviewed and set apart. When we arrived they were sitting quietly with their families and then they began to sing until church began. We love hearing them sing. They harmonize so beautifully. It was such a lovely setting. We spoke in Bislama during the meeting. They gave Elder and Sis. Hanks gifts as they were going home the next day. Took pictures of the branch and the branch presidents family and then stopped by his home on the way back to town.
We took the Hanks to the airport on Monday and then moved into their duplex. Another new chapter. Every chapter is full of new challenges, new experiences and new blessings!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Luganville, Santo, Vanuatu..our New Home

Well we moved to the island of Santo a few days ago. We are taking over a duplex of a couple that is leaving to go back home tomorrow morning. We have been able to look around this beautiful island a little and feel it will be a lovely place. The town is much, much smaller but we have everything we need. Our duplex is a 2 bedroom and we even have an oven! It overlooks the water and we saw a cruise ship in a couple days ago.
They showed us the most beautiful beach called Champagne Beach which was the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. It was to tempting so we jumped in in our clothes to cool off!