Sunday, June 22, 2014

FHE at Andersons And Farwell to to Elder Sionne..

I brought a chocolate cake...

Grandpa and baby Michael

Grandma Anderson

Mama Donnalynn.... 

Elda Sionne is being transferred to Gaua!,,

Shirts and ties!

Over the last year and a half, family, friends and my Relief Society sisters have sent white shirts and ties here to Vanuatu.   Thank you!!!!    I think it has totaled over 80 white shirts and close to 200 ties!!    On Sundays here on the island of Santo many men will feel good about how they are dressed when they are worshiping The Lord.    Some have been given to young men that have been called on missions from Vanuatu to serve around the world.   Some  of your shirts have gone to the Marshall Islands, the Philippines,  and even to Paris, France.  Friends and family reading this blog, I Thank  you for your effort and love in sending these to these good men!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Day eight, part B with Justin and Kelly in Vanuatu

This is the custom of giving us the gift of food.    We touch the kakae at the same time they shake our hands.    We were to be the only ones that ate until we were full.  They the rest of the branch could eat.  We kept inviting others to join us.    

Headed up the mountain again towards Jerlain.   Stopped to see the progress on clearing the land so they can build a bush chapel out of bamboo and natangora leaves.. .   They said every Friday they come together and work on the land.    


Chief Moses gave Elder Williams a special cutting stone that he found that he said dates back to 1700's

Chief from another Village up the mountain 8 hours walk.   Gave him Book of Mormons and told him about the gospel..

Stopped to see how baby Sionne was doing....

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day eight PART A, for Justin and Kelly!

Up early again, headed to Tanavoli to church.    They had never seen the south side of the island.   I love South!    My favorite tree, Numbangu tree is south.  The bullock eat the roots that hang down.  It looks like it is floating.

Tanavoli Branch church

Before church began, they were practicing a song in Bislama, so I went and joined them.  

Annie Hugai,  love that little girl.

President Hugai began church and then before we were to give our talks he had all four of us come up front and gave us gifts.     Me an island dress, Elder Williams a shirt, and all four of us lava lavas to remember them by.    They sang to us and then we had to each go up front and speak.   Very difficult, tears fell.  I love this little branch.    

Day seven with Justin and Kelly

Got up early as always....     Headed to Fanafo and Palon for the day.   I knew it would be a great experience for Justin and Kelly.   
We stopped by President Johns family home and talked to them about how to fill out a Bubu jat.   ( a pedigree chart).  And also family group sheets.    We hope they will continue to prepare.   

Then we stopped by the church in Fanafo and introduced Jus and Kelly to  some members and told them goodbye.


The roads are a killer on the back and I think now they can verify that to the family when we go home.
There was a tree down in the road so they had to get out and move it for us to get through on our way to the village of Palon.

Came into the village of Palon....   Have to keep gates close so bullock don't get out, or in..

Some of our friends came to greet us and give us Kakae... 

The church in Palon

PRES. KELLY'S family and home....  We had a delightful time!   They greeted us with leis they had made for us and then the two little ones came out in leaf skirts!    His little nephew was crying and frightened of us and all our white skin....  But got over it later.

They had made huge kumala chips, pawpaw, coconut drinks, coconut cake and white yams!!!

We ate and talked and took pictures....

And they even gave us all gifts...

We will miss this beautiful family!

He then took us on a final tour of his gardens.   They are self sufficient! A great example to us all.

HEADED to a beach To relax before the end of the day...