Friday, June 20, 2014

Day eight, part B with Justin and Kelly in Vanuatu

This is the custom of giving us the gift of food.    We touch the kakae at the same time they shake our hands.    We were to be the only ones that ate until we were full.  They the rest of the branch could eat.  We kept inviting others to join us.    

Headed up the mountain again towards Jerlain.   Stopped to see the progress on clearing the land so they can build a bush chapel out of bamboo and natangora leaves.. .   They said every Friday they come together and work on the land.    


Chief Moses gave Elder Williams a special cutting stone that he found that he said dates back to 1700's

Chief from another Village up the mountain 8 hours walk.   Gave him Book of Mormons and told him about the gospel..

Stopped to see how baby Sionne was doing....

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  1. It looks like they're giving you the royal treatment as you prepare to go home.