Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Farewell Family Haus Naet for the First missionary to go from Tanavoli Branch!

The village of Narango,  Young  Dak Tivles  leaving for Paris, France!

Elder Williams and Elder Kerns spoke.   After we were asked to go up to the kakae  table and put our hand on a plate, then Dak  put his hand on it and shook our hand.  We didn't know what that was all about, but found out as we left later that night.   It was his gift to us.   We ended up with a platter of laplap and a whole chicken on it, head, feet, claws and all, along with a half layer of this cake.   

Paris may be a bit of a culture shock for this young man, but The Lord knows who is needed where in His kingdom.  

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter FHE activity at the Sandbeach with Luganville branch

Some YW made a beautiful sand image of Jesus Tomb and spelled "I love Jesus" on top out of coral.   It also had the large stones and a door....    Very sweet!


Had laplap coconut and other kakae

YW braided my hair.....it ended up white and black....so no picture posting here of end product!!

They had lots of games...  Treasure hunts, rope pulls, and Mike did a church history quiz with 3 teams

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Baptism for 27!

We had an amazing baptism with four from Banban branch and the rest from Jerilean!   We didn't have  enough baptismal clothes so they had to take turns.   These included the two families just married the day before.  With the exception of the elders, everyone in this photo was just baptized!    Glorious day!

Over twenty of them shared beautiful testimonies after their baptism.  

Papa Nephi and his son Levi.   

Papa Nephi after is baptism.    Before his baptism he wore bushman clothes all his life.   
This  is a big change for him

Mama and her 10 month old.   One of our brides.

Hemi no gat fret long waet skin blong mi.   

Friday, April 11, 2014

Weddings in Jerilean!

We started out early again for the village of Jerilean.    Two weddings.  One couple with 12 children and the other with 6.    
Elder Williams and I were asked to speak.  They always have speakers and sing hymns at their weddings.    

About 100 people came..

Cutting the cake

Papa Nephi.   Been a bushman all his life.   Said he would put on trousers after he was baptized tomorrow!   With President Hungai of Tanavoli Branch.  


one of the grooms.  Elder Williams gave him his shoes, shirt, pants and belt!
But best of all his HAT!    He wore it to Luganville the next day to his baptism and walking around town.  He really liked his hat.

Elder Petty, President Mahit, President Hugai,  Elder Sione and President Anderson!   

After we had laplap, rice, fish, taro and grapefruit.  Then, before we went home they had us line up and the whole village came through and shook our hands and thanked us!    Special day, special people...

Monday, April 7, 2014

First trip to Jerilean!!! 72 plus investigators!

We took the District President and follow Zone  and District leader missionaries and headed southwest to the hills and bush through places few have been to find a big group of people that want the gospel!   The missionaries did interviews of over 30 for next weeks baptisms while we spoke with the Chief of the village about a bush house being built for the missionaries to live in.  

These two men (not in white shirts) one the chief by Elder Williams and the other a leader in the village, 
shared again hearing the prophecy passed down about many churches coming to Vanuatu but there would be only one that was true and it would be from America and they would have a Book!   They bore such a sweet testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, we will never forget this moment!

They are digging a pond and filling it with fish to raise and eat.    missionaries love to help!

This couple will be married next week and baptized the following day.

This young man was afraid I would slip and fall on the soft mud so he not only held my hand, but my umbrella !!

This woman had a hand crank sewing machine on the ground making skirt....   Surrounded by the children

Beautiful drive home even on a rainy day.