Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Farewell Family Haus Naet for the First missionary to go from Tanavoli Branch!

The village of Narango,  Young  Dak Tivles  leaving for Paris, France!

Elder Williams and Elder Kerns spoke.   After we were asked to go up to the kakae  table and put our hand on a plate, then Dak  put his hand on it and shook our hand.  We didn't know what that was all about, but found out as we left later that night.   It was his gift to us.   We ended up with a platter of laplap and a whole chicken on it, head, feet, claws and all, along with a half layer of this cake.   

Paris may be a bit of a culture shock for this young man, but The Lord knows who is needed where in His kingdom.  

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