Thursday, October 24, 2013

Some of our Young Women......

They were in the kitchen at the church sewing on a hand crank machine and then tie dyed their  material.  They had great fun!

The little girl on the right was just called  on a mission to UTAH!!!!!    Sister Nellie Toa!    
Three more Young men from Ambae were called to Utah Mission too!!!!!    Watch out Utah!!

Fanafo bushmen

Drove out to Fanafo with our new missionary couple, the Kearns.   We introduced them to the bushmen that live in the villages.   We loved talking with the children and Mike got to take a shot with a "elastic".....  A sling shot that they use to kill  pigeons "birds". And flying fox (bats).  to eat.  

The following Saturday we went to a baptism of a young woman from Fanafo.    Her father came and witnessed the baptism.......
Never have had a baptism picture quite like this one........:).   

He was a sweet man and very proud of his daughter.....    Who knows, maybe he might join the church

Need another bedroom for the kids? Just build one....a little bamboo...weave a nice roof and walls....


Monday, October 14, 2013


Went to visit Pres. Hungai and we were told he was out in his boat.    So we head to the water and we find out he had been to Aore, the island across the way.  Elders Quorum Pres of Luganville Branch had sold a bullock to the branch for the picnic the next day and Pres. Hungai transported it across the water after they shot it.....
To be served up for one amazing picnic!   Enjoy the pictures??....   The beef is lean and of course grass fed..

Cooking. Banana

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Back to Ambae!

Ambae hasn't had rain for several months so many families are hurting.  The kids up in the hills and mountains miss the water in the dried up rivers so they come down to the saltwater to swim.
We went to Lolotinge and  Loviatalao and had meetings with the Branch Presidents and clerks....
Then Saturday went to a beautiful baptism of 2 children in the sea.   We gave the prayers in Bislama...  
Later that day had meetings with 3 more branch presidents.   Great people.   We also enjoyed getting to know the elders on Ambae...  Great young men!   Live is good on Ambae!

Washing cloths.....  Not much water in the river....

Boys playing  boule in front of the Branch Presidents house

Boys loving a refreshing dip in the sea!

Young girl Carrying water

View from one of the churches windows....

Elder on the left is Elder Chee from Oregon and the one on the right from Redondo Beach, CA

Baptism in the Sea...  Meeting before and after

Walking and walking and walking on Ambae....  To store 25min each way.   To church. 20  each way.  
From the baptism 25 minutes each way...    Love the peaceful walks!!


And one of my favorite is Elder Williams Ambae "Kleenex"!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Taught our cute Sister missionaries to make Pizza and Banana splits!

Two our our sisters for Papa New Guinea are ending their missions and going home.  We always have them to dinner before they go.  Thought they needed to learn how to make some American food!