Thursday, October 24, 2013

Some of our Young Women......

They were in the kitchen at the church sewing on a hand crank machine and then tie dyed their  material.  They had great fun!

The little girl on the right was just called  on a mission to UTAH!!!!!    Sister Nellie Toa!    
Three more Young men from Ambae were called to Utah Mission too!!!!!    Watch out Utah!!

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  1. I remember Nellie Toa when she was just a little girl in Ambae. When I was in Santo I meet Nellie and talked with her for a bit. She didn't remember me as a missionary...she was too young to remember me. What mission in Utah has she been called to? What Utah missions were the three young men called to? How exciting for them to have the opportunity to come serve here in Utah. There is another girl who I meet in Vila who I know is now in the Provo MTC and will serve her mission on Temple Square. I'm excited to see her here. I'm not sure when she'll begin her serves on Temple Square, but I've been looking for her. I love following your two in Santo are doing a great work there!!! I love Vanuatu... I hope I can go back there again.