Wednesday, February 27, 2013


From Luganville, Santo we flew to the island of Ambae, Vanuatu. Small 7 passenger and it brought back memories of our days of flying!
It is lush and beautiful and has the real Bali hi on it. It inspired the book. They have NO electricity, thus NO fans, air conditioning, refrigeration, restaurants, roads, clean water and only one food store about 1/4 size of dads store with not much in it. You need to bring your own food when you come. We ate a lot of peanut butter.
We stayed at a little guest house called Toa house. It had plumbing with an outside shower and kitchen. We filtered our water and sweat the whole time. But I can say it was the sweetest experience to date! I didn't even worry about the Mosquitos because there is more of a chance of malaria on this island than any other because I knew The Lord would take care of us. Didn't even see a mosquito!
We visited with all 5 branch presidents and clerks. We met in homes as you will see, church buildings and on our front porch at our guest house with these good men.
We walked to church through the jungle about a 20-25 minute walk. You will see a R.S. meeting picture, YW and primary.
We were fed laplap a traditional native dish that is made of manioc, coconut milk and some kind of meat (chicken, dog, corned beef, bat) in the village of one branch president.

We had a very special experience of one dear priesthood leader walking 2 hours each way with his branch records in his arms showing up at 7:00 am on our porch as not to miss his accounting of his stewardship with us the morning before we were to fly out. Another one walked over an hour each way so he could bring us the records to fulfill his stewardship. Enjoy the photos!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Santo, another island in Vanuatu

Flew to Luganville, Santo and spent 3 days visiting branches, members homes and doing audits. It is a very green island with many palm trees that look like they were planted in a row. We drove on dirt roads that the Americans put in during the war as this island was used as staging for the war. At the end of the war us Americans tried to sell much equipment to the Vanuatu government but they didn't want it so the American military just dumped into the sea. That place on the coast of santo is called "million dollar point". Senior missionary couple is based here that is over seminary and institute for the whole mission. The Hanks. They drove us a bit as did the young elders. . We also had to take a transport. You just wait along side of the road until they come. No one has cars.....they walk or take transits if they can afford it. You will see pictures of family homes and one from porch is used as a church for about 50 each Sunday as well as meetings like we had.... Enjoy!
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Love to you all from the south sea islands and the wonderful people of the isles of the sea.