Monday, April 7, 2014

First trip to Jerilean!!! 72 plus investigators!

We took the District President and follow Zone  and District leader missionaries and headed southwest to the hills and bush through places few have been to find a big group of people that want the gospel!   The missionaries did interviews of over 30 for next weeks baptisms while we spoke with the Chief of the village about a bush house being built for the missionaries to live in.  

These two men (not in white shirts) one the chief by Elder Williams and the other a leader in the village, 
shared again hearing the prophecy passed down about many churches coming to Vanuatu but there would be only one that was true and it would be from America and they would have a Book!   They bore such a sweet testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, we will never forget this moment!

They are digging a pond and filling it with fish to raise and eat.    missionaries love to help!

This couple will be married next week and baptized the following day.

This young man was afraid I would slip and fall on the soft mud so he not only held my hand, but my umbrella !!

This woman had a hand crank sewing machine on the ground making skirt....   Surrounded by the children

Beautiful drive home even on a rainy day.

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