Friday, April 11, 2014

Weddings in Jerilean!

We started out early again for the village of Jerilean.    Two weddings.  One couple with 12 children and the other with 6.    
Elder Williams and I were asked to speak.  They always have speakers and sing hymns at their weddings.    

About 100 people came..

Cutting the cake

Papa Nephi.   Been a bushman all his life.   Said he would put on trousers after he was baptized tomorrow!   With President Hungai of Tanavoli Branch.  


one of the grooms.  Elder Williams gave him his shoes, shirt, pants and belt!
But best of all his HAT!    He wore it to Luganville the next day to his baptism and walking around town.  He really liked his hat.

Elder Petty, President Mahit, President Hugai,  Elder Sione and President Anderson!   

After we had laplap, rice, fish, taro and grapefruit.  Then, before we went home they had us line up and the whole village came through and shook our hands and thanked us!    Special day, special people...

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  1. I love these pictures! So happy to see the gospel going to the bushmen in Santo!!!