Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day eight PART A, for Justin and Kelly!

Up early again, headed to Tanavoli to church.    They had never seen the south side of the island.   I love South!    My favorite tree, Numbangu tree is south.  The bullock eat the roots that hang down.  It looks like it is floating.

Tanavoli Branch church

Before church began, they were practicing a song in Bislama, so I went and joined them.  

Annie Hugai,  love that little girl.

President Hugai began church and then before we were to give our talks he had all four of us come up front and gave us gifts.     Me an island dress, Elder Williams a shirt, and all four of us lava lavas to remember them by.    They sang to us and then we had to each go up front and speak.   Very difficult, tears fell.  I love this little branch.    

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