Sunday, January 26, 2014

Funeral in Santo

We attended a funeral of the BPs wife's father.    It was at another denomination.   They have to bury the same day of death  because there is no means of preservation of the body  in Vanuatu.  His body is put a wood box.  After they all go to the cemetery.  
As the grave diggers dig the grave, family members participate in digging.   The family is wailing and sobbing the whole time.  Some on the ground.   He was in the war in the Solomon Islands and has a huge family.   They place the box down in the ground using straps of material under the box to let it down in.   Then take turns covering the box with dirt.   After silk flowers are place on by anyone.
The while family then lines up in a receiving line and all of us go down and shake hands with everyone and tell them "sori tumas".   They are sobbing and wailing.   I couldn't help but think of the movie,  "the Other side if Heaven".  Another unique experience shared with these wonderful people.  

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  1. Interesting experiences to attend a funeral in Vanuatu...isn't it?