Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Eve .... Luganville, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu!

We had gone to church in the Tanavoli Branch the Sunday before.   Both gave talks and both were asked to teach RS and Priesthood classes!    But it was there that we were prepped for the New years Eve Custom of "powdering"!   Don't know if they call it that, but I will.   It involves lots of baby powder and lots of good wishes, hugs and kisses!  So fun!   Branch Pres.s wife went around giving early well wishes!

So when New Year's Eve came, we were prepared!  The men at church were barbecuing sausages and chicken to make sandwiches.  I helped assemble, cut watermelon and hand out.   I also brought 3 banana breads and 2 Texas fudge cakes to share.   Great night.  Started with a meeting sharing good things that happens in 2013.   Mike shared the biggest blessing of coming on our mission to Vanautu.    Then the food, the secret sister exchange and dancing began!    The branch stays All Night!   No sleep, if they sleep, it is on the floor or on the grass.....children are there all night too.   We danced in the New Years and we to home to bed.

My sweet friends.....   We share  powdering as well as hairstyle challenges!:)

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