Monday, March 24, 2014

Farewell for two YM and a dislocated shoulder!

The Luganville Branch had a farewell Family Home Evening for two of its young men going on missions to Micronesia and the Philippines.    They both are heading to the MTC in Provo first.    

We had a great program, games and food provided by ambitious young men who went spear fishing to feed us all.      Sis clement had games for the pikininis...

Adult games

The catch...   Just add LOTS of Rice and you can feed a hundred!

THEN  a hard handshake from a young see below.     And a trip to the hospital to put Sista Roko's shoulder back in place......

Three hours in emergency....  Doctor from Solomon Islands trained in New Zealand,  X-rays,  medication and a gauze sling....= $5.00 American money!     Back home,   $5,000 maybe?

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  1. Lots of happy smiling face!! But the dislocated shoulder probably was not a fun experience. :(