Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More pictures!

Here are some random pictures.... First day landing at the airport and then our cute little sista missionaries from Tonga and Christmas Island that are leaving to go back to their respective homes. Another picture is from the mission home looking out over Mele Bay and a small island in the distance. It is such a beautiful country. We are in the process of deciding where to live. The last picture is of another sr. Missionary couple, Elder and Sister Wallace who are showing us around, taking us to the few grocery stores we will use and showing us different apartments and houses. We may just stay where we are because it is clean and comfortable. It would be a nice respite from when we spend weeks in the bush visiting outer islands of Santo, Ambae, Tanna and Malakula. These are all islands in Vanuatu. We will concentrate on them first and then later go to the Solomon's and New Caldonia.
We met with a woman who runs the service center in Fiji yesterday and we are just beginning to understand how primitive this area of the world is. The villages in the outer island are like the 1700 or 1800's. they really don't run on money.. So the church is thinking about tithing being collected "in kind"... Bishop van kommen, how would you like members bringing a pig or some bananas to your office, to give out to someone else in turn...
Well, we are off to work for another day in this beautiful land! Ale tata! Luvem yu

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  1. What a beautiful place! It must be wonderful serving a mission in paradise!! And, yes, I am glad that I don't have to collect tithing in kind. Besides, I don't think that Malia would appreciate pigs and other livestock in our backyard.