Monday, February 18, 2013

2 more branches in Tanna! Part 4 Tanna. "Ren I kam daon, bigfala".

First pictures of the Whitegrass branch. It is sticks with plastic pulled across. They have up to 120 people in attendance on Sundays. There is a peaceful feeling there. When it rained on Sunday, the tarps would bulge and where there were holes water would pour through but no one complained. They had walked long distances to church and just stood around and waited for a while for the rivers of water to subside so they could turn around again and walk home. We rode with the missionaries and the trucks had a hard time crossing the water at times.
They will be building a cement block church in this beautiful field beginning in May. We hope to be able to get some new "island dresses" that the women wear for them so they have something new for the dedication of the chapel at the end of the year. No one complained about being soaked to the bone, not even the children. We have much to learn from these people.

The other church was in Lanekal, the only village with a couple stores. One very, very small food store. Most food is purchased at an open market or mainly grown in their own gardens. We didn't see any of the stores as everything is closed on Sundays. We rode with the branch Pres. And Mike and he had a training meeting on the way back home in the truck in the heaviest rainstorm I've ever been in as we were jostled around. Our clothes were soaked to the bone when we got home.

Enjoy the pictures.

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