Thursday, February 14, 2013

Erakor branch just outside port Vila

Meeting with 1st counselor in the District Presidency, President Tarohohiti in the chapel. Great young man who has been a branch president and now in the District Presidency. He is 37 and has 4 children. He took an all night boat to come to Port Vila from Santo and will stay here for a couple months to take some classes so he can get a better job back home. so many leave their families back on other islands while they work or go to school and then return when they can.
He had some concerns with things in the District and wanted to meet. Love the picture of Mike and him both texting, sitting right next to each other!
Looked down at his shoes and he has walked the back part of his flip flops off....they were missing.
OFF to Tanna in the morning.... Goggle that island...

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  1. That is their chapel? Wow that is interesting. Makes me miss Samoa. Miss you love you.