Sunday, February 17, 2013

More on trip to Tanna!

Ok in my last entry I stated that Tanna was the size of whidbey, well it is 212 square miles.
We headed up to a branch in the north first thing called Greenhill to meet with the Branch President and clerk. The clerk walked to the meeting as they all do several miles, then wanted to put on a white shirt before coming in to meet Elder Williams. The missionaries are our transport. You will see our ride up and the river where they bathe and the sweet little church where they have over a 100 each week. The primary meets underneath the church :). They have people standing outside. I met with the Relief Society President who wanted to know what activities she could have that would get the women to come during the week. She has been RS president for 12 years. The seminary teacher walked to the church to meet us too.
You will see a sweet family that cares for the church and are the caretakers of the grounds. He was so proud of the gardens and he is keeping it clear so when the Church decides to expand this branch it will be ready. He is the keeper of the blueprint plans.
They love to have their pictures taken and see them. They of course don't have camera. They look at their pictures and giggle. Even the old men. They all want a copy. I hope to bring some back again.

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