Friday, April 12, 2013

Nouvelle Caledonie

First settled about 2000 years ago by the people of the isles of the sea, they brought their Melanesian culture. Later in the 1800s Napoleon took possession of it and their was great mining of copper, nickel and cobalt. It was later used as a convict settlement by the French and the prison still remains today but it has been turned into a large and quite excellent University. The Americans also had a presence here during the war.

There is one couple serving here, the Syphus's from Utah . She was born and raised in Paris and he served a French mission in Tahiti. They are about to go home in a couple months. A stake was just formed here about a year ago, so compared to other parts of our mission it is very strong but still not like home. We had a meeting with the stake President as well as the Stake clerk and auditor. So we did do work while we're were well as a little sightseeing directed by the other senior couple.

I have been having problems with my shoulder and I spent a part of 3 days here seeing various medical people and getting a diagnosis, getting tests and having some therapy. All is well, it is some pulled muscles, and frozen shoulder. So it will be a long, slow recovery.....but no surgery!!
We will come back to this lovely place in a few months and at that time I will get more directed therapy.

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  1. Not your shoulder again ........ I'm feeling your pain!!!