Friday, April 26, 2013

Tanna children walking to school

On our morning walk we encountered some darling and very friendly children walking to school. They love to have their picture taken and then I show it to them and they all giggle and smile. It is so fun.
Also on our walk in Tanna that morning we saw a poor cow with his rope all wound around a tree so that the only thing his mouth could reach was the bark on the tree. He was nibbling away at the bark and Elder Williams felt sorry for him so he unwound the rope so he could reach some grass to feed on. One happy cow!
We also found a sign posted above a group of cows, take a look. They use to be a top producer of beef in Tanna but lately hurds have been diminishing so they are trying anything! I find it interesting it is posted in English, not Bislama.

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