Friday, June 21, 2013

Chief Leo from Pentecost!

Elder Williams met Chief Leo one morning when he was on the road in front of our house.  He is the Chief of a village of 300 people and also the head of a group of villages which number over 5,000 people.    He said he felt like he was suppose to talk to Elder Williams.   We invited him in and talked of the gospel,  he really wants the mission President to send missionaries to Pentecost to teach his people the gospel.    We have had him to our house a couple times now, had him read the scriptures and  bore our testimony to him.    He is really golden.  He is studying with the missionaries now here on Santo.   President Brewer said he can't send missionaries to Pentecost now because we need to build up the church on the islands we are on now.    Please pray for this sweet, good, very intelligent man that at some future time the church Will go to Pentecost.    It has been a very special experience for us.

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