Monday, July 1, 2013

Fanafo Branch, Santo

Today we had a visit from the CES Coordinator, Baia Saoken, from Port Vila.  He came to help me learn how to support the Seminary teachers so we began our two day schedule of visiting Seminary teachers on Santo.  I will be overseeing them until the new senior missionary couple  comes in October.
First stop was the Newly improved Fanafo Branch.  Elder Williams had visited this branch last week during the construction of the side walls being woven from strips of Bamboo.  The walls are very sturdy.  It will keep the wind and rain out.  

Here is After!    Pictures with some of the branch members.

They gave us some breadfruit to take home.   Some young people were playing volleyball next to the church and loved to have their picture taken.

On our way to Palon we met a couple more bushmen along side the road who were more than happy to pose for a picture.  They liked seeing their picture after.


To be continued!

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