Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Friends at Luganville Branch

Some of my friends at church.   The woman holding the book is the District YW President.  I was asking if I could help her at all and she asked if possibly she could get some white paper.  I thought of course she meant for the girls to have paper to use in class and she said that as she thinks and prays about helping the YW Program in the stake, gets ideas and then later she forgets them.   Se said it would be helpful if she could write it down.   I was very humbled to think that she just needs a little paper for herself....   Did I say they really have nothing?   She is such a lovely lady!

Our neighbor lady clearing land........by herself!

Famle Haos Naetz,

Family haos Naet with pres. Mahit and his daughter, brother Reid from New Zealand (our boss in the area office), Brother Charles Mol, one of the first members of the church in Gaua and the Branch President from Gaua Bro Jansen, and two other members from Malekula...   Great night.  They told us how the church began on Gaua and how it has grown after the eruption of the volcano back a few years.  The missionaries came over and helped villages relocate to safer area as well as bringing food and materials they needed.  The work on Gaua is growing quickly. 23 people were baptized a few weeks back and every week more.    It is a very, very, very small island that is mostly volcanic.  A spiritual night as they shared how they came to know the gospel is true!  


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  1. I love hearing about Gaua and the growth that is happening there!