Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Solomon Islands!

We spent 6 days in the Solomon Islands.   It is quite interesting with all the WWII relics  which we saw on our last trip.  This trip we stayed right in the main town of Honiara in one expensive hotel!   $350 per night!   Our mission president told us that was the only really safe and clean place to stay.   It was small and would have been perhaps $80-90 per night in the states.  Things are so very expensive in the Solomons.   Their dollar isn't worth much and the fact that they have to import everything, like Vanuatu is another reason.   
We toured the cultural museum and the man In charged asked us if we could get a Buk Blong Mormon and a King James Bible to put on display there to represent some of their religions.....of course we said YES!
The betel nut habit is a real national problem for Solomons.  It is a stimulant and causes crime, ruins lives, is dirty and destroys whole mouths.  
We had great meetings with good leaders that are wanting to learn how to do things right.   We have seen an Improvement from our last trip.

Betelnut stands!!  Yuck.  They chew and then project...  A huge amount out of their mouths anywhere they want to.  The sidewalks are red and so are their teeth.  It makes them aggressive.   

Young Adult And Youth activity in a small branch outside of Honiara.    

I call this picture, Good And Evil.  You see the top of a new large District church building being built.  What you see outside the walls are mainly Betel Nut stands....  The real downfall of the Solomon Islands.   So glad this isn't a problem in Vanuatu!

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