Friday, August 30, 2013

Palon you live off the land

President and Sister Kelly and their family of 5 girls can show us all how to be self sufficient.   They raise pineapples, bananas, coconuts, tofu, manioc, yams, papaya,  varieties of bananas that you bake, chilies, some kind of an apple type fruit that doesn't really taste like apple, kumala, chickens, guava, 
Onions, tomatoes,  and a thing that tastes like a nut, called nungae.   And more I can't think of.....
They buy very little from the store except for oil, salt and rice.    

THEY GIVE US FOOD EVERY TIME WE VISIT,   So we brought lunch to them of pork submarine sandwiches, potato salad, Banana bread and oatmeal cookies.    They had never had oatmeal cookies or potato salad,  ..   Pretty American.  

As we were getting ready to leave, he had them all stand and face us and thank us......   And then he again loaded us up with so much good, fresh food!   Can't get ahead!
Such an amazing sweet simple spirit in their home.    


  1. Such a sweet family and great examples of self-sufficiency!

  2. I love this family!! Thanks for sharing!!!!