Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Zealand

Traveled to New Zealand for a few days of training.  We were able to go to the Temple near Hamilton for a session.   My grandfather John Elmer Howell served a mission here in NZ from 1903 to 1906.   I was able to find a woman named Rangi Parker who has been collecting history on the missionaries that served missions in NZ for over 20 years. and has put together a book with their stories.   She is getting another one together and is very anxious to get grandpa Howells information to include.    It was a very sweet experience talking with her,   She sang to us as she was a singer as a younger woman before she had an accident that should have taken her life.    As she sang she just stopped and said, I feel your,grandpas spirit here with us and we all wept.    Yes, grandpa, I know you served The Lord here and the people of,New Zealand.

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