Monday, December 16, 2013

Sending a new Missionary out From Santo

Had such a sweet experience picking up Jackie Joseph, age 18 and first born son, to fly out of Santo and head to the MTC.    He lives in the Palon Branch about 45 minutes from our home.   As we approached the village we saw most of the branch was still there waiting since church to send this young man off to serve The Lord.    It was so quiet and reverent, as I approached the group that  was surrounding him, I could only whisper.  There was a special reverence.   Lovely.   They all waited while the Branch President and elder Williams had a meeting.   I had a sweet experience talking with many of the branch and family.    Many tears and hugs.    Most of these women are family members in some way.

Sister Kelly cooked breadfruit over the fire while we waited to feed the group.   Good, tastes like bread dough.

Elder Williams led the group in "god be with you till we meet again" as tears fell.    Then we took Jackie to his home to get his bag and say goodbye to his mom and dad.    Younger brothers trailing behind, so we put them in the back of the truck.    Mom had a very hard time saying goodbye.    Last thing Jackie said was....    Keep going to church.    He said it over and over.   "Bae yu go long jos ol taem".  
Those were the only words I heard him say.    He had a hard time speaking.    

Mama sobbed and sobbed.  His father brought out two baskets of manioc for us.    It was his contribution to his sons keep on his mission.   He placed them before Mike and  Mike  bowed back to him with a thank you gesture.   

I went up to her and told her I knew how hard it was to have a son go away, but Papa God would watch over him and he would be blessed for serving The Lord.    

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  1. Great story about great people! I love the members of the Church in Vanuatu!!!