Saturday, February 8, 2014

Revisiting Tanna... February 2014

Did the audit of the Green Point Branch with Pres. Isaac.  Like our office?    We were in Lenekal at the missionaries house.  He had come from his village over an hour south of Lenekal with his backpack full of all his records.    

The Elders in Lenakal..

The Elders drove us up to White Sands......past Mt Yasar.   It was not as active as it had been in July when we visited it before.

The village of White Sands, very close to the chapel.  I got out and talked to the children and the women and walked up to the chapel with the Presidents wife.    

President Nipiko on the left had started walking from his village of Saetsiwi at 8:00am to be at this chapel at Whitesands by 10:00am.    Then because we had spent so much time in the Green point audit he had to wait for us until 1:00.   He said he started to walk home again and then just felt that he should turn around and come back....    They seem to hear the spirit more often that we do.   Perhaps it's because they live amongst Gods creations with  no distractions.   Peace and quiet.   They weren't angry at all that they had to wait.    His son is serving a mission on our island.    

President Isaac is a very young Branch President.    Just returned from his mission a couple years ago.
I will never forget how very happy and proud these men were when we were going over their  records.    They really had been listening to our training and they had receipts all organized with approval forms and everything tied in together almost perfectly.    These are men without much of an education and to see how much of an improvement they had made was amazing over the last several times we have met with them.    It made our mission worth it.   It was like a light of understanding had really happened.   They were true stewards.   

Our View Before Dinner!!!!!

Next day in the Village at Whitegrass.    President Naliwas and Jack.   There had been a death in the village and we rearranged our day so President Naliwas could go and talk to the people at the funeral.

Missionary's house in Whitegrass

Mary's house.   Mary served a mission and when she returned, her father built her a house.    This is custom as children get older.   It really has only a only a bedroom with a mat on the floor.  They all cook outside and the toilet is an outside bush toilet.    She is here with her siblings.   

We gave her an English proficiency test to go with her application to go to BYU Hawaii.   

A very beautiful tree right by the chapel

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