Thursday, May 22, 2014

Beautiful Gaua!

Here are just some photos of our stay on Gaua last week.

Our guest house area...   Out door everything!   But those 4 days I never slept better!


Branch  President and District President...:):)

Walking to Presidents house and the church

Taught them songs in Primary!

Missionaries House...

Missionaries shower..

Inspecting a cistern

Visiting the Relief Society President...    She was roasting corn on the fire to sell

This young Brother from the Branch took,us to the house he is building..
  Beautiful work!

Weaving the roof

The left side of this building is the island's Bank and the right side is the Store!

Walking with the pikininis to school

Presidents family house, kitchen building, etc.

Roasting peanuts to sell and washing clothes is the activity of the morning.  They ran out of line space, so they are just spread,out,on the ground.

Beautiful friends!

On the way back home we stopped at 3 other islands.   Torres, Malta Lave and Sola.

Beautiful trip!


  1. I LOVE all these pictures!! President Mahit looks great!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  2. I was looking at your pictures again and noticed that you stopped at Torres, Malta Lave and Sola on your way back to Santo. I've been up to those islands...they are beautiful! I hope you're well.