Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day four and five with Justin and Kelly

They decided to go to the Millennium Caves today.  It is an all day trip and very rigorous of hiking, climbing rock face, going through wet river bat caves in total dark and through a village.  I believe there was some boating or floating down a river too.
They came home exhausted.    It is not suggested for old or out of shape people so we stayed back and did a lot of catch upon our responsibilities.     
Also took a sister missionary to the dentist at the hospital and she had her tooth pulled....  Just a crack and pull and goodbye.    Quick as that.    

DAY. 5

Every day we start by walking in the plantation...   It is beautiful and peaceful and such a great way to get moving.   We go about 6 am.   
After headed to Million Dollar Point.   That is where the Americans at the end of the  war wanted to sell their big heavy equipment to the French and English and they said, "no thank you", thinking that the Americans would then just leave it, said, "we'll show you". And proceeded to dump all their equipment in the ocean so no one could have it for free!    It is quite a sight!    

Found OLD Coke bottles from the war.  You literally can't break them.   A man at the beach told us the story of the coke bottles.    The men on ship would drink coke and throw them overboard.   The enemy could  follow their trail because the coke bottles would float.    So coco cola company made the bottles so heavy they sunk.    We wondered why they just didn't ask the men not to throw them overboard....  Oh well, Justin and Kelly got nice little souvenirs!

On to Mamas market for a little lunch with our friend, President Kelly and a little shopping.

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