Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Justin and Kelly Visit us in Vanuatu!!!

Just arrived in Port Vila!   Spent a couple hours showing them around....  It was kind of rainy and we thought cool, but they were to hot.  Guess we have acclimated!

Flew to Our home in Luganville, Santo together and spent their first night!

After church we had an investigator, Didier, of Banban branch show us a few things on Santo we hadn't seen before....    A new beach that you can see Balihi from on a clear day.   We had a nice stroll and then he took us to an abandon fish factory that date back pre WWII a and his grandfather worked at.   The government made it hard for them to stay in business, so they closed down in 1990.   Santo really needs businesses.  

Then he took us to see the remains of a WWII plane.   It was probably a B17 but parts were all over the place.   Very interesting...

Took Didier back to his house and he showed,us,so,e silver he found.  He really wants someone to help him mine it out of the hills over near Big Bay..

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