Friday, February 1, 2013

A new day!

More pictures. Here is a view from our current place we are living and a picture of our apartment. Then you will see some pictures of downtown Port Vila. The public market is wonderful. We save our change and head down there for very fresh vegetables and fruit. Families come from all over the island and sell products from their home gardens. You see whole families there. We love eating such fresh foods. We wash them all in Clorox water before just to be sure :)....
There is also a couple pictures of a barbecue we had with the other senior missionaries a couple days ago. Great looking food, eh? The beef here is amazing and quite reasonable and Julie, it comes from a nice market don't have to pick the dirt and rocks out of it because it was on the ground when you bought it! :):). They have come a long ways since you and Dennis lived here!
We will be meeting with the 2nd counselor in the port Vila district, President Kalpoi, to train a few of the local brethren for the upcoming audit. We are working on translating some of the training into Bislama :):)
Love you all! Please let us know how YOU are doing..

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