Saturday, February 2, 2013

First Sunday I our branch!

Today we went to fast Sunday at Port Vila Numba tu branj. It was great. They are very spiritual, you can just feel it even if you don't understand. It is all in Bislama and we learned that we need to study the language more to understand more. I was asked to read in Bislama in the Book of Mormon in Sundays school! We met with the District 1st counselor after and planned more for our first training meeting next Saturday.

I have posted pictures of our first dinner out Saturday night. It was great little Chinese restaurant with lovely views. Also some pictures of our truck that we are using for a short time and the other side of our property which are abandon buildings..... Some ni-vans live in some of them. The children come down on the beach and swim, they are very friendly and nice.

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