Monday, February 18, 2013

One more clarification!!!

I can't stand this I am so embarrassed. First of all the picture of the Banyon tree with the tribe of people in front of it is NOT the church congregation. It is a picture of a picture that was hanging on a wall in the chiefs assembly hall where the members are temporarily allowed to meet, I inadvertedly inserted the picture thinking it was another one.

I think I will retire from blogging for a while......


  1. LOL well it was a cool photo! Please don't stop blogging! Mom and I are enjoying it!

    1. Thanks Chris, I don't know that to many are looking at it. It seems that many find it hard to get on and read it. We just got back from Ambae yesterday and we leave santo island this morning to go back home to Vila so I will start posting some more pictures. Thanks for your comment. Love and kisses to mom!