Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sunday church in Port Vila numba 1

Went to a different branch today, still in the nice chapel right in downtown Vila, probably the largest and nicest chapel on Efate, and possibly all Vanuatu ( we will have to let you know later).
Pictures of members after church. Notice the baptismal font outside in the courtyard.
Cute picture of two sister missionaries assigned to that branch, one from Fiji and one from Papa New Guinea. Both spoke in church and we understood their Bislama much better than the natives. Another picture with sister Maria and her son Michael, almost 2. She said she would love a copy of the picture.

Celebrated our anniversary yesterday by working all day on records and then a wonderful dinner out! Happy anniversary to my sweetheart, Elder Williams.

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  1. That is a neat baptismal font. Mom your hair looks great by the way.