Friday, February 8, 2013

The Market

In the center of town is our fresh produce market . Here is a picture of ladies preparing coconuts for sale. We love talking with them and waiting for their beautiful smile. Everyone here smiles and waves to you. They even had some live blue lobsters or something just laying around on tables to buy.
The missionary badge is such a wonderful thing. We have one in French, English, and Bislama. Wherever we go people smile and say hello. We strike up a conversation and they want to know where we are from. We tell them and then we tell them we are missionaries for our church. We point to out badges and they say, what church, we say the Mormon church. Oh. We know Mormon church most reply with another smile. Last week we were walking around some neighborhoods looking at places to rent and a lady comes to say hello and as we talked I told her we were on a mission because we love Jesus Christ. She said she loved Christ too. She said if you rent one of these houses She would like to come work for us.

People here walk everywhere. We are up each morning before 6 and go for a walk. We smile and say hello to everyone. They aren't walking for exercise but to go to work. Some walk to work, some can afford to take local buses which are vans. A couple days ago a nice man walked along with us and helped us with our Bislama. We shared with him why we were here and everyone thinks it is good we are here in their country.
I feel that by the way we treat people wherever we go we are doing missionary work, letting people know that we are here in their country to help them and be kind and loving.

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  1. Great market pic. be sure to check out the flowers Sat AM. Used to be enormous bunches of flowering ginger and bird of paradise $1. - Beautiful!