Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More Guadacanal pictures

We stayed with a wonderful missionary couple, Elder and Sister Mitchell. They are amazing! Such a sweet, positive amazing couple. We stayed in their home a whole week and they graciously took care of us seeing we got where we needed to be at any and all times. They are the only senior couple in all the Solomon Islands. The elders love them

I have some amazing pictures of the countryside......just imagine fighting a battle in this wet humid, climate! Beautiful, but wet and humid. I think of those lonely young boys back then, American and Japanese dreaming of home as they fought for their prospective countries.

We saw little children doing dishes in the river, a girl fishing and boys at play in the ocean. Pig families, long horn cattle, teenagers picking coconuts, women carrying items home and all sorts of lovely scenery.
Oh and yes, the village septic system....into the same river they swim and fish in.....:)
One day we took the young missionaries to a place on this river where they wade across to teach a family, but the river had flooded and it was to deep and swift for them to cross....
Well, enjoy!

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